The Ministry of Economy and Finance has issued a new law on saffron exports since late last year that would require them to provide the National Agricultural ...

Saffron export rules

Saffron export in our country has its own rules and conditions. Saffron export laws are as follows:

  • Purchase and packaging of saffron
  • Receive standard certificate
  • Receive Certificate of Animal Husbandry (if applicable)
  • Business card presentation
  • Providing Saffron License

The Ministry of Economy and Finance has issued a new law on saffron exports since late last year that should provide the national agricultural code from which saffron was purchased if exporters want to exclude their export tax. The law caused farmers to sell their saffron to exporters for fear of being deprived of government subsidies, instead of selling their crops to dealers and intermediaries who smuggled them to other countries, and so on. The trend led to a decline in saffron exports last year. Member of the National Saffron Council said: "We urge government officials to explain the reason behind the law, which is an obstacle to the export of saffron as an economically valuable product so that they do not have to worry and if this national code is not going to eliminate them Avoid subsidies Make this clear.

قوانین صادرات زعفران

Definite export formalities

For the export of saffron from the country, first of all, it is necessary to obtain the necessary documents and permits. The exporter of saffron must go to the customs office of export of the saffron with these documents in hand.

Documents required for customs clearance:

  • Saffron Exporter Business Card
  • Introducing saffron declaratory letter or power of attorney to customs
  • Standard Certificate (as applicable)
  • Animal and Vegetable Quarantine Certificate (as requested by Saffron buyers)
  • Health Certificate (as requested by Saffron buyers)
  • Baling face
  • Issuance License (as applicable)
  • Customs registration of product
After purchasing, packaging and receiving health certificates for saffron, it is time to register this product at the Customs Office of the Islamic Republic of Iran. By submitting a declaration of export of saffron, the requested cargo can be prepared for export and sent to the customs office with the saffron cargo at the earliest opportunity. After verification of health and standard saffron certificates as well as payment of customs fees declared by the saffron exporter, the consignment will be sealed and ready for shipment. It should be noted that the export declaration of saffron requires full specifications of the saffron exporter, the buyer of the saffron in the country, the destination country of destination, the country of origin, the type and quality of the sent saffron, the price exported in foreign currency, and so on. Upon completion of the declaration, the declaration and its attachments shall be submitted to the customs authentication section.
کارت بازرگانی صادرکننده زعفران

۱. The authenticity of the surrender documents

۲. The accuracy of the contents in terms of the type and tariff of saffron and the value stated in the documents

۳. Saffron Exporter Qualification

After depositing the funds, the statement is sent to the evaluation circle and after evaluation of the saffron appraiser is evaluated. After checking the contents of the packages and matching them in terms of type, number, value and other required information, if no objection is found, the declaration is signed and sealed and a copy of the declaration as export license is delivered to the saffron owner to proceed with the export of saffron. .

Business Cards

Exporting saffron commercially requires a business card issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Mines and approved by the Ministry of Commerce. Business card is a document that can be used to export and import saffron. Exporters of saffron and services with or without a business card will not be liable for taxes or charges during the implementation of the Third Development Plan (Article B (2)). All co-operatives receive their business card only from the co-operative chambers of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Particularly the necessity to control export cargo subject to standard mandatory customs regulations:

Validity Date of Iranian Standard Mark License

Non-fake standard trademark license (ask for provincial standard suspects)

Announcing expiry date, operating license, standard Iranian saffron mark and appropriate packaging.

If you do not have a valid standard trademark license, it is necessary to submit an export certificate from the inspection company approved by the provincial institute or general offices.

مشکلات عمده ی صادرات زعفران

Major problems in exporting saffron

Export and foreign trade is one of the most important economic issues in all countries, and every country, regardless of its tariff and non-tariff barriers and constraints, seeks to recognize its relative advantage in the production and export of its goods and services to maximize its trade profits. . Our country is no exception to this rule, though our oil wealth has neglected non-oil exports. Meanwhile, agricultural products, including saffron in Iran, have a comparative advantage in production and export.